Welcome to Northallerton Young Farmers' Club, a social club for people aged 10-26 in and around Northallerton with an interest in the countryside and rural issues.

Bonfire and Firework night

Last weeks meeting was Pumpkin carving. Well done to everyone that carved a pumpkin, they all looked amazing with the lights off. Picture are on the website and twitter. Next weeks Bonfire and Firework Night at Mr and Mrs Lavericks, Winton Bank 7:30pm or meeting in the Applegarth at 7:15pm. Please bring suitable footwear and warm coats. Get following our twitter page @YFC_Nallerton

Public Speaking Night

Last Mondays meeting was committee meeting. There are dates for the diary. Please see the calendar. Next Mondays meeting is a entertaining public speaking night. Please meet in the auction mart for 7:30. Please don't forget your subs and photo to Phil, as quickly as possible. Also anyone who wants T-shirts and hoodies please see Madi.

AGM Well Done!

Last weeks meeting was A.G.M. Well done to everyone who got awards. Also good luck to everyone who has taken a roll in the club. A full list of names of Club Officers are on our website next weeks meeting is Bingo Night in the mart for 7:30pm. Get following our twitter page @YFC_Nallerton

Club Officers 2014-2015

President - Kevin Baker

Vice Presidents -Cis Farndale, Janet Wilkinson

Chair Person - James Baker

His job is to run the club as the team leader,co-coordinate all activities and see to any problems in the club. If there is a problem, then he will resolve it taking appropriate action. In some cases pitching it to the Advisory and Present.

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